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專業一對一的服務 單面 雙面 多層電路板 軟板 及鋁基板 QQ QQ Double-sided MLB FPC 8 Layer FPC 6 Layer FPC 1Layer Six Layer Flexible-Rigid PCB PCB KB-6150 FR4 94VO 2OZ 4Layer Imme Gold - Bevelling Gold Finger PCB KB-5150 CEM-1 2OZ Single Side PCB KB-3151 FR1 94VO 1OZ Single Side
Matrial plate  KB 6150 FR4 94VO
Thickness thickness 0.3-3.0mm
Min width/ space min line width / space 0.075mm
Min drilling hole 0.1mm
Min punching hole 0.8mm
CTI 175 / 300 / 600
Copper thickness 1-6OZ
Surface treatment OSP/ Carbon / ENIG / HASL  

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