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Job title: salesman  Apply for this position
Work location: Shenzhen Xixiang District
Salary: The company adopts the business commission method of 2500 yuan of basic salary. The details are negotiated face to face according to personal conditions, and the company covers board and lodging. Release date:
Number of people required:  5 Age 25-38 years old
Job requirements:

1. High school degree or above, major in marketing and other related majors;

2. At least 1 year of sales experience, working experience in electronic industry and network marketing is preferred;

3. Be familiar with the marketing strategy of electronic circuit board products;

4. Have strong market analysis, marketing, promotion ability and good interpersonal communication and coordination ability, as well as the ability to analyze and solve problems;

5. Be hardworking, have strong dedication, and have a high team spirit.

Job description:

1. Be responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's products;

2. Explore new markets, develop new customers, and increase the scope of product sales;

3. Be responsible for the collection of market information in the jurisdiction and the analysis of competitors;

4. Be responsible for the planning and implementation of sales activities in the sales area and complete the sales tasks.